on my work


text by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve on «Mayautics in Blue» Maya’s and my edition for Derivada #5 a project by Fundación Banco Santander (En Español and in English)


video on the same title show with Ángela Cuadra at NF / NIEVES FERNANDEZ de Madrid. March 2021. See it here.

Shaping business minds through art– The artian podcast # 5 Laura F. Gibellini. VISUALIZING THE INVISIBLE. 09/07/2020

listen to the podcast here.

VISUALIZING THE INVISIBLE. a different approach to visualization

artist talk as part of The Art & Tech events series organized by The Artian. 29/11/2018. See the talk here.


by masdearte. Read my profile here.

Artist of the visible

by Mary Di Lucia. The Brooklyn Rail. New York. 02/11/2017. See the post here.

Laura F. Gibellini and the Light & Time of Rome

by Giulia Mangoni. Rome 12/09/2017. See the post here.

Meditaciones atmosfÉricas

by Lea Diaz. ViceVersa Magazine. New York 10/08/2017. See the review here.

LAura f. gibellini. el tiempo del arte

by Elena Vozmediano. Review (Spanish) of the show ‘Meditaciones Atmosféricas. Antes del Presente (338U-710 U)’. Madrid. 18/05/2017.

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Pantalla cccb. un mes un artista

interview by CCCB, Barcelona. January 2016. See the interview here.

Interview from Yale University Radio WYBCX

hosted by Brainard Carey. 22/04/2015. Listen to the interview here.

New installation brings a touch of home to Ridgewood train stations
by Chase Collum. Glendale Register, New York. 11/06/2014.
New Subway Art Installation Brings the Home into the Commute

by Allison Meier. Hyperallergic, New York. 06/06/2014.

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Speaking of Place: An Interview with Laura F. Gibellini

by Thyrza Bichols Goodeve. AP blog, SVA. New York. 29/04/2014.

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Laura F. Gibellini mete el metro de Nueva York en la galería Slowtrack

by Javier Diaz-Guardiola. ABC Cultura. Madrid. 31/01/2014.

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by Mary Di Lucia. Text for the show De Rerum Natura. December 2013.

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Variations on a Landscape. An Intimate Geology

by Suset Sanchez. ArteContexto 33, 2012/1

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Habitar la Huella

by Miguel Á. Hernández- Navarro. Antipoda. Revista de Arqueología y Antropología. Nº 12., Anthropology Department, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, 2011

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The Alchemy of Maps & Pretty Wallpaper

by Yael Friedman. Antipoda. Revista de Arqueología y Antropología. Nº 12., Anthropology Department, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, 2011 – Read Online.

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Los Diez de Javier Hontoria

by Ana Berruguete, El Duende, cultura, ocio y tendencias, nº 95, year 11, June-July 2009

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El Núcleo De Lo Frágil

by Óscar Alonso Molina, ABCD Las Artes y Las Letras, nº 859, July 19, 2008

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Laura F. Gibellini. Mundos Portátiles

by Abel H. Pozuelo, El Cultural, June 28- July2 , 2008

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Round Trip New York #1. Laura F. Gibellini

by Eva Mendoza Chandas – Read online

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Reflexiva Laura F. Gibellini en Asm 28

By Joaquín Gallego, Precio y Arte – Read online

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Itinerarios, Cáceres

by Martin Carrasco. Hoy de Extremadura, Cáceres, May 15, 2010

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by Costelo, PHOTO fr Magazine, nº 420, June 2005

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