Mouth blown etched glass. 50 x 80 cm each. 2017


Drawing on paper and fluorescent paint, wood boards, carbon paper.  21 x 29,7 cm aprox. 2020

DIAGRAM at Nunca Nada Parecido

Scale model for Drawing a Mountain. Oil stick on cardboard. 20 x 42 cm. 20201/2021 At NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ, Madrid, with Angela Cuadra

DIAGRAM at Nunca Nada Parecido

Boundary of (In)visible Ice 1-23. Graphite  and gouache on paper.  36 x 24 cm [Series of 23 dibujos]. 2017 41.883724o-12.495532o. Elv 49 m. Etched mouth blown glass. 10 x 80 cm. 2017