Extended BAIR

Banff Artist in Residence. Banff Centre for Arts And Creativity, Alberta. March 6-31. Tracking atmospheric conditions: Working on hardly visible drawings and motionless movies. More info here

A Room of One’s Own: An Exhibition

Group show curated by Osman Can Yerebakan. Artworks in “A Room of One’s Own: An Exhibition” refer to Woolf’s influential text via straightforward or allegorical methods and highlight her ground in various forms of aesthetics, while articulating the modes of introspection and discernment. On view until July 21, 2016. Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational…

‘Escapes. Anotaciones Atmosféricas’

Site-specific project conceived for Saint Roc’s Chapel, in Valls (Tarragona). An antique deconsecrated chapel has been a fundamental venue for contemporary art in the region. This is the fifth show of the ‘Dèria’ program, curated by Marina Vives Cabré. March 12 – May 8, 2016. More info here

BMM. Bienal Mirada de Mujeres 2016

Escapes. Anotacines Atmosféricas. Invited Project  at BMM 2016. This section encompasses projects, exhibitions and activities that focus on the visibility of women in the visual arts from a feminist perspective and take into account social returns and fair practice. Institutions, museums, foundations, cultural centres, galleries as well as educational and cultural spaces from all over…

Pantalla CCCB. A month an artist

As part of the prgram ‘Pantalla CCCB. A month an artist’ my series ‘Attitude I. Water’ is been shown at the CCCB in Barcelona. The series consists of nine videos which, like chapters of a narrative, are studies, annotations or sketches of the surface of the ocean. The complete series as well as an inteview…