My work grapples with the notion of ‘place’ and what it means to inhabit the world.  Recently issues like impermanence, invisibility and the difficulties of representing the fluid nature of a particular site have become prominent.  My most recent projects reflect on the gaps implicit in representation and on how that which is irrepresentable (the air, the ocean) remains unacknowledged and that which is unacknowledged remains un-thinkable.  It is this ‘unthinkability’ and the possibility of imagining the irrepresentable that I am most interested in contemplating.

I use drawing, collage, photography, video and I am also interested in site-specific (and time-specific) installations.  Exploring (and rendering visible) the interstices between ideal and factual gestures, delving into the gap between conceptualization and studio practice are fundamental to my thinking–hence my interest in writing, which I consider another media to develop my thinking.